Burlesque Acts

Dream of Nekyia
Contortion, dance, and a magical bra removal! This act is one surprise after another and has headlined festivals and brought audiences to their feet from the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Vegas to New York’s Times Square. The music is an original composition by Mark Growden.
Some love it, some hate it, but everyone talks about this dark fetish act that shocks and tantalizes. Director Jim Akin was so inspired by this performance that he created a movie role for Kristina based on this character. The music is Physical by Adam Ant.
At the 2010 Burlesque Hall of Fame competition this act won 1st Runner Up for the highest award. It is a big stage act, perfect for horror-loving audiences who appreciate the dark and sexy. The music is Suspiria by Goblin.
Fan Dance
For productions that celebrate traditional burlesque, this classic fan dance has all the components: gloves, corset, enormous feather fans, and a gorgeous sequined dress. The music is an original jazz composition by Seth Ford-Young.
Bendy Bellydance Strip
One of Kristina’s first burlesque acts, this sexy silver strip combines her bellydance skills with some very bendy reveals. The music is Nocturnal Stealth by Drumspyder.
Ooh La La
ooh la laA straight up dance number, fierce and fabulous, this act is always a crowd-pleaser. Plenty of booty-shaking, bump, and grind. The music is Ooh La La by Goldfrapp.
Que Rico El Mambo
A tribute to 1950s Cuban mambo with all its sexy, campy, high-energy enthusiasm. The costume is a gorgeous rose-covered 50s style ensemble stripping down to nothing more than a few small, strategically placed blooms. The music is Que Rico El Mambo and Tabú by Pérez Prado.
What’s Inside a Girl?
What happens when the bizarre raunch of The Cramps meets B movie zombie action? This hilarious tease that finally answers the age-old question: what is inside a girl? The music is What’s Inside a Girl by The Cramps.
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Burlesque Workshops

Grace and Poise
Bringing Sexy Back, part 1
Bringing Sexy Back, part 2
Performance workshop

Kristina offers the following burlesque and theatrical workshops. For her flexibility and contortion workshop information please visit Fit & Bendy.

Grace and Poise:

Body Mechanics for the Stage 1 hour

Learn the secrets used by dancers and gymnasts to move across the stage with confidence. Balance, extension and fluidity are all products of proper muscle recruitment and relaxation. This dance class uses principals of Pilates to break down common dance movements (including burlesque essentials like bump and grind) by analyzing the muscles you need to make them look solid and polished. You will enjoy a great workout and transform your stage presence to a sexy soundtrack. Wear your hot pants!

Bringing Sexy Back Part 1:

Anatomy of Arousal

What does it mean to be sexy? How do we use our bodies on stage to convey all the many nuanced flavors of our own sexuality? This class is a discussion of what it means to place our sexuality in the spotlight, to titillate our audiences, and where we draw the line between private and public display. We will have an open discussion about fear and sex, what it means to be an object of desire, different kinds of sexuality, and whether or not we even really want to be sexy. We will examine ways that performers hide behind codified or forced stereotypes in order to protect their real sexuality, and whether or not that works in performance. The goal is to better understand your goals as a burlesque performer, and to translate that into choreography and expression that best expresses your sexual persona.

Bringing Sexy Back Part 2:

Burlesque Choreography

Apply your new (or reinforced) ideas about sexiness to a fun, sensual burlesque choreography. This is a dance class for burlesquers of any background, with simple movements that provide an opportunity to explore the sexy in you. Experiment with all the different ways that one movement can be tweaked and modified to express different moods and styles of sensuality, and come away with some saucy moves that you can chop, flip, deep fry or serve up raw in your own routines.
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Performance Workshop

What makes a great performance?

Even if you spend countless hours perfecting your craft and developing your technique, the mere recitation of skills is just the beginning. This workshop will help you find a mental and emotional state that will enable you to connect with your audience. Learn to bring out those aspects of yourself that will enhance your act and make you more comfortable on stage. We will discuss the elements of a memorable performance, the psychology behind the stage, and incorporate this understanding into your pre-show preparation. You will have the opportunity to experiment with various approaches to your act and see what works with supportive feedback from fellow students.

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